My name is Ronny Wolnik and I've lived in Three Oaks, Michigan 41 of my 43 years and now my family and I reside in Bridgman. Michigan.
I first started painting at 15 years old but actually learned how to paint the RIGHT way when I started working for Bowen's Decorating in New Buffalo, Michigan. I always dreamed of working for myself and when I had the experience and felt confident enough to go on my own; that's exactly what I did!
Since then I am proud to say that I truly feel my company is second to none. My partner and I have over 65 years of experience and our goal is for the work we do be fabulous. We take our time and do the job right from start to finish. We take pride in our work...period!
We are on time, clean and care about your home and personal belongings. We are honest, trustworthy and fun-loving guys that do GREAT work. We can cut lines like a lazer, we sand all walls, take a 500 watt light against walls to see all imperfections that need to be mudded and then sanded again after the first coat of paint has been applied to make sure your walls are smooth and beautiful.
A lot of painters say they are good, we can prove that we are the best. Please take the time to give us a call so we can give you a free estimate and turn your house into the Taj Mahal!!
Thank you and God bless.
Ronny Wolnik II


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